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Welcome to Find Top Pot Shops, your one stop internet resource for   top pot shops.comlocating and reviewing medical marijuana clinics in Florida.

As we all wait hopefully for the legalization of weed in Florida in 2016, we wanted to be ready to spread the word using the evaluations and recommendations of dispensary users. Here you will be able to rate the quality, pricing and weed assortment of pot stores all across the State. In the meantime, we will try to be the best resource and community for news and updates.

With any luck, Governor Skeletor and his evil Hench Woman, Pamela “Keep Them in Bondage” will be defeated by the forces of good (the voters) and belly crawl back to the dank and fetid anti-constitutional holes from whence they spawned. Remember, if you are in favor of medical cannabis in Florida, you need to turn out and vote YES this November!

Just because the majority of residents are in favor of the constitutional amendment, that does not not mean the politicians will listen to the will of the people. You can contact your local legislator HERE

A new Wall Street Journal Poll shows that most Americans think sugar is worse for you than marijuana.



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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Lists in Florida